Enterprise Portals

Create corporate websites to integrate information, people and processes across your organization.

Content Management

Organize your business contents, quickly access your documents, keep information delivery under control.

SOA Integration

Build a service-oriented information system at your own pace.

About Telavada

The Information Technologies Expert

Telavada is a Canadian Information Technologies and intelligence company serving individuals and organizations. We provide consulting services in enterprise architecture, business analysis and governance of business services. We also provide services of design, development and implementation of computer systems, especially in the fields of Web 2.0 and enterprise portals.


Oracle Fusion Middleware Expert

Telavada builds on Oracle Fusion Middleware products to help its clients organize their services and their enterprise contents. We are experts in architecting and implementing this suite of exceptional products.


Telavada is an expert in implementing Content Management Systems (“CMS”).

CMS allow to organize enterprise content in a single repository, in order to optimize information life cycle processes.

Partnership, involvement and support

Telavada differentiates itself from the competition by anticipating customer needs rather than reacting after the fact.

Strategic Advising

Telavada supports its customers in launching new developments, learning new ways of doing, managing organizational change and planning future developments.

Informed solutions, solid architecture, careful implementation

Telavada offers an often rare but essential expertise to ensure proper business and technology solutions.

An innovative discussion synthesis technology

TeamAdvisor: a unique software tool for quickly understanding the essence of a conversation.

A product from the Telavada R&D labs.