About us

About us

Information Technologies Expert

Telavada is a Canadian Information Technologies and intelligence company serving individuals and organizations. We provide consulting services in enterprise architecture, business analysis and governance of business services. We also provide services of design, development and implementation of computer systems, especially in the fields of Web 2.0 and enterprise portals.

Our values

Commitment, excellence, integrity

These are the core values ​​Telavada maintains in its dealings with customers, partners and employees, to ensure sustainable, efficient and confident relationships.

Our added value

Informed solutions, solid architecture, careful implementation

The tools offered by Telavada are powerful and scalable as long as they are well understood, assembled and implemented. Telavada offers its clients a rare but essential expertise to ensure proper business and technology solutions.

Moreover, Telavada offers the services of experienced senior architects who are capable of assembling the right components and the right functions properly. Finally, Telavada offers the experience of seasoned developers to implement optimal solutions and architectures.