Informed solutions, solid architecture, careful implementation

The tools offered by Telavada are powerful and scalable, as long as they are well understood, put together and implemented. Telavada offers its clients an essential high-quality expertise to ensure good business and technology solutions.

Moreover, Telavada offers the experience of senior architects who know how to assemble properly the right components and functions. Finally, Telavada offers the experience of seasoned developers to implement the optimal solutions and architectures.

Telavada brings to Quebec the best integration offer for Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies

We are an Oracle Gold Partner since 2010

Telavada is involved at several levels on important Oracle WebCenter projects in Quebec: enterprise architecture, software architecture, expertise and development. Telavada thus ranks among the leading integrators specialized on Oracle Fusion Middleware tools in Quebec.

Apart this “Oracle Gold” status acquired in 2010, Telavada is teaming up with the best experts certified with Oracle technologies, of which Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle SOA Suite. Telavada is thus the main integrator specializing on these Oracle middleware components in Quebec City.

Also, Telavada is a member of the “Oracle’s User Experience (UX) Customer Participation Program (CPP)”, which allows us to contribute and influence the direction and design of Oracle products for next-generation software.

Oracle Webcenter Portal and Webcenter Sites

Telavada is expert in creating enterprise portals. This type of “websites” allows integrating information, people and processes throughout an organization. Namely they offer centralized secured access points in the form of web interfaces. They are designed to collect and customize information using “portlets” dedicated to various backend applications. Telavada helps its customers to combine the various tools of the Oracle WebCenter suite in order to develop the most powerful portals.

Telavada offers users the most popular features in modern enterprise portals

Social media-like experience

Creation and sharing of ideas for the organization


Information retrieval via employees, groups and contents


SEO identifying unknown or unsung contents, groups and employees


Leader in two Gartner Magic Quadrants

Oracle is positioned “leader” in Gartner’s 2012 Magic Quadrant on horizontal portals and web content management

Oracle is the only one among the large providers to be deemed a Leader in both the Magic Quadrant for Horiozontal Postals and the Magic Quadrant for WCM markets. Oracle is also present in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management.

Source: Gartner 2012 Magic Quadrant on Horizontal Portals

Oracle Webcenter Content

“Content management” means fast access to company documents, content organisation, controlling information delivery, etc.

Enterprise documents, regardless of the type of business or what they contain, are strategic productive resources. Indeed, optimization of processes of the life cycle of a document will improve business productivity. Eg by routing the document to the right person, making it available through a simple search, etc. The ECM (Enterprise Content Management) addresses these issues by providing tools which, when integrated into a solution, organize content in one single repository.

Telavada sees Content Management as a complete process from creation to archiving or scanning. This is why we are a strong partner who can provide expertise on the various phases of the life cycle of the document.

That said, issues of implementation of a content management solution in the company are not limited to technical challenges. Indeed, the acceptance of the solution by employees and its introduction as a daily tool are different but equal challenges, which have to be tackled to ensure the success of the project. Telavada offers support early in the project for implementing the change management strategy to gain acceptance of the solution by employees.

Oracle is positioned “leader” in Gartner’s “2012 Magic Quadrant” on Web Content Management and Enterprise Content Management

Integration of Oracle WebCenter with Oracle’s software stack is offering substantial benefits to Oracle customers. The size of its sales force, product, development and support organizations offer it strong possibilities for further growth in the space. Its visibility in the space continues to grow along with a growing presence in the adjacent portal market.

Source: Gartner 2012 Magic Quadrant on Enterprise Content Management

Oracle SOA Suite

Heard about the Spaghetti Syndrome?

Over time, new applications and data repositories are being added to corporate information systems by their IT projects without necessarily worrying of the identification of existing application assets, thus causing the creation of monolithic application silos. This could be your situation…

This is not new: service-oriented architectures are a response to this type of problem. Of course, one does not switch to SOA from a siled architecture in a few days. It is a long process that is part of an iterative process.

Several choices are available, and Telavada can assist you in the process of evolving to a service-oriented information system, with the help of its consultants, who experienced these issues through different redesign projects, and who are experienced with the Oracle BPM/SOA Suite tools.

Oracle is positioned “leader” in Gartner’s three “2012 Magic Quadrants” on SOA-type application infrastructure

Our Methodology

The way we are approaching this type of project is a key part of its success. Therefore, Telavada has built a methodology to assist its customers during the different projects phases to ensure their success, thanks to its experience in this area.